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July 2019 Archives

Spokane Therapeutic Courts

The Spokane Therapeutic Courts Foundation was formed in 2012 in an effort to give those battling drug addiction and mental-health challenges the opportunity to enter into a court supervised treatment program. Currently, there are 83 therapeutic courts throughout Washington State. These include the Adult Drug Court, Juvenile Drug Court, Family Treatment Courts, Mental Health Courts, DUI and/or DV Courts, and the Veterans Courts. These various courts are located in multiple counties across Washington State. A list and description of these courts can be found here.

Understanding pregnancy discrimination

If you are an employed pregnant woman in Washington, you are no doubt trying to reach a balance between fulfilling your job with pride and caring for your growing body. This is equally true once you have given birth to your baby and hope to maintain an equilibrium between your career and your family. Unfortunately, there are times when an employer may treat you in a negative manner due to your current situation. We here at Cooney Law Offices P.S. understand how pregnancy discrimination laws protect women. 

Set the standard for the remainder of your parenting relationship

Many emotions come to light when you are going through a divorce. These can make the process more challenging because they can seep into every area of your life. They can also make it much more difficult to make sound decisions during the legal process. If you have children depending on you, this might be even more complex.

DUI Deferred Prosecution

When someone is charged with a DUI in Washington State a Deferred Prosecution is one of several potential resolutions. After a complete investigation of the evidence and after negotiations with the prosecuting attorney your attorney should present all options for resolving your DUI charge. Any DUI that doesn't get dismissed through suppression motions will eventually come down to one of three options: accepting a negotiated resolution, going to trial or asking the judge to grant a Deferred Prosecution.

What should you do if a dog bites your child?

While most dogs in Washington are friendly and make good pets, there are still circumstances that may lead them to bite. In many cases, the victim of a dog bite is a child. Responding correctly if a dog bites your child may help you reduce the risk of further injury or infection. The first thing to do is move yourself and your child to a safe location away from the dog. Once you are there, you may start providing first aid to your child.

Understanding the DUI Sentencing Grid

The Washington State Courts' DUI Sentencing Grid details the mandatory minimum penalties for misdemeanor DUI convictions. The sentencing grid attempts to simplify the penalties found in RCW 46.61.5055. The grid is split into columns by number of prior offenses and in rows by breath or blood test results. The Washington State Courts update the grid every year or two as amendments to DUI laws are passed by the legislature. Recent versions of the grid can be found here.

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