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August 2019 Archives

How should you proceed if you were hit by an uninsured driver?

Being involved in a car accident in Washington is never something you hope for, but it can be significantly more frustrating if you find out that the person who crashed into you does not have insurance. Ultimately, this means you are left to forge the costs of the repairs on your own unless you can successfully get the money from the responsible party. Being aware of how to proceed with a motorist that does not have insurance can help you to make the right decisions to hopefully limit the impact your situation has on you. 

Domestic Violence Protection Orders: The Basics

Early in most Domestic Violence criminal cases the judge will issue a Protection Order, also known as a No Contact Order (NCO). A NCO in a domestic violence case prohibits the person charged with the crime from contacting the accuser, including through social media, text messages, phone calls or even through another third party like a friend or relative. Most NCO's will also include a geographical restriction prohibiting the person from going within a certain distance of any known location of the protected party, like their residence or workplace. This may leave the accused homeless if the protected person and accused person live together. These NCO's do not normally prohibit a parent from having contact with their children so long as the child is not the listed accuser, but an NCO can make it difficult to coordinate visitation if communication between the parents is prohibited. For more informaiton about these orders from the Spokane Court website, click here.

Motor vehicle accidents can lead to bodily injury for pedestrians

Walking is a great exercise for you that is enjoyed by many Washington residents. However, with its many benefits comes the slight risk of being a pedestrian involved in an automobile accident. Consequences of being hit by a motorist can range from a bodily injury such as broken bones to even death. We here at Cooney Law Offices recognize the severity of being a pedestrian victim of a car accident. 

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