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Understanding the "one bite rule"

A common response heard from dog owners in Spokane after their pets have been involved in attacks is that the animals never displayed any sort of aggressive tendencies before. This is likely done in hopes of earning leniency on both themselves and their dogs. One's personal history is often taken into account when determining punitive action for an offense; should it be any different with an animal? 

What can you do to prevent animal attacks from happening?

Your family is preparing to go on a weeklong camping trip in the wilderness of Washington and there is a lot of excitement in the air. One of the aspects of being in the wild that you are preparing for is staying safe from wildlife. Animals are intriguing and fun to observe, but you should always remember to give them their space to avoid becoming a victim of an animal attack. Fortunately, there are things that you can do and teach your children about in an effort to reduce your chances of being attacked by an animal of any kind. 

Extensive surgical repair after a dog bites a child's face

You may worry about the high costs of plastic surgery if a dog has bitten your child's face, but the psychological cost to your child may be much higher if the issue is not addressed. At Cooney Law Offices P.S., in Washington, we often provide legal advice to parents who want to hold the negligent dog owner liable for the expenses, both initially, and over time as further treatment is necessary.

Rental property and dog attacks

We have gone over some of the consequences that dog bite victims may endure after they are attacked, from scars and physical pain to medical costs. If you were attacked by a dog, you may have many questions and could be struggling to work through a variety of issues. For example, you may be wondering how the attack was allowed to occur and who shares responsibility in the incident. In some instances, unique details may need to be considered, especially for those who are thinking about taking legal action due to dog bite injuries. For example, a landlord may be held accountable if his or her tenant owned a dog which attacked someone.

What are some other types of animal attacks?

Many people recognize the potential dangers that viscous dogs pose, especially if they bite someone. Unfortunately, this happens to an unacceptable number of people each year, whether they were walking down the beach or passing their neighbor's house on the way to work. However, there are other types of animals that may attack an innocent person and it is important to be mindful of these potential risks when around other animals.

The long-term psychological consequences of dog bites on children

If you have experienced an animal attack, you know firsthand the trauma that comes with it. As attorneys in Washington, we at Cooney Law Offices, P.S., have long known that dog bites can cause tremendous, long-lasting pain and suffering in people of all ages. A recent study has shed further light on the long-term impact of dog bites on children.

Pit bull charges, bites 9-year-old boy

While the following story isn't from Spokane or anywhere in the state of Washington, it does exemplify many of the issues that surround any dog bite case. Today's story is from Iowa, where a 9-year-old boy was at a park with his father. While skating together, a pit bull suddenly charged the 9-year-old and bit him in his bicep. Thankfully, the bite doesn't appear to be too bad (there is a photo in our source article, so be ready for that) and the 9-year-old is expected to make a full recovery.

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