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A look at how age discrimination impacts the organization

When people hear the term, "age discrimination," they often immediately think of people who have been victims of this type of mistreatment in the workplace. While ageism does definitely affect those, who have been singled out, what may come as a surprise to many is how age discrimination in Washington can affect organizations at a critical level outside of the individual who is being targeted.

Understanding pregnancy discrimination

If you are an employed pregnant woman in Washington, you are no doubt trying to reach a balance between fulfilling your job with pride and caring for your growing body. This is equally true once you have given birth to your baby and hope to maintain an equilibrium between your career and your family. Unfortunately, there are times when an employer may treat you in a negative manner due to your current situation. We here at Cooney Law Offices P.S. understand how pregnancy discrimination laws protect women. 

Detailing exceptions to at-will employment

Most working professionals in Spokane likely feel secure that as long as they fulfill the basic expectations of their employment, their employers cannot fire them. Yet that assumption may seem contrary to the philosophy of at-will employment (which the state of Washington subscribes to). Basically, if one is an at-will employee, their employer can discharge them without needing to have a legitimate reason. While this might seem to empower employers to fire workers indiscriminately, there are exceptions to the assumption of at-will employment

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