When it comes to fatal motor vehicle accidents, there are all sorts of crashes that can lead to the loss of life. For example, many people pass away in drunk driving crashes, as a result of speeding, or because of some other cause that might have been out of their control. However, rollover accidents are especially dangerous and also claim many lives on an annual basis. As a driver, it is important to understand just how deadly these crashes are and do what you can to avoid a rollover accident.

Material that is presented by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that rollover accidents are one of the deadliest types of traffic accidents. In fact, over 7,600 lives were lost in rollover crashes during 2010. Among all of the passenger vehicle wreck fatalities that took place over the course of 2010, rollover accidents were responsible for 35 percent of the fatalities. Moreover, rollovers were part of just 2.1 percent of all the van, SUV, pickup truck, and passenger car crashes that happened in 2010, which shows just how fatal these accidents can be when they do occur.

Sometimes, a rollover crash may happen because a driver is not paying attention or is intoxicated and flips his or her car. However, some of these accidents take place because of another driver’s recklessness. For example, a car crash victim may have sustained injuries after their car flipped over because they tried to avoid a driver who veered into their lane. For victims of these crashes, holding negligent drivers answerable is critical.