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Auto accidents and PTSD

News coverage and social media discussions regularly cover some of the consequences of auto accidents, such as serious injuries or the loss of lives. However, our law firm knows that some people suffer in many different ways after a car accident, some of which may not be as easy to detect. For example, you may be dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder after a wreck. If a motor vehicle crash has caused you to experience PTSD, we know how much this can turn your world upside down.

Post-traumatic stress can make daily life hard in a variety of ways. Sometimes, car accident victims suffering from this disorder may not be able to drive, which could affect their ability to work or attend school. Moreover, PTSD could even prevent someone from being able to perform their job duties, leading to even more hardships such as financial dilemmas. Sometimes, PTSD can take time to become more evident and victims may not always realize the full extent of the consequences they will face following a wreck. Depression, anxiety, and even anger can sometimes affect those who were struck by a careless driver.

Car crashes and permanent disabilities

Many of the consequences of car accidents are well-known, from lost lives and financial problems to serious injuries. However, some people may not realize the full effects of these consequences until they find themselves in this position. If you were hurt in a car accident and are facing a permanent disability, our law firm is very familiar with the different challenges you may be facing. During this time, it is vital to do what you can to recover and you may want to review your legal options.

From physical pain to medical expenses, injuries can cause a world of difficulties. However, those who are suffering from a permanent disability may have additional long-term hardships. For example, you may not be able to enjoy hobbies or other activities that you participated in ever again, which can be very upsetting. Or, you may not be able to return to work. In fact, your disability could keep you from ever being able to work in a particular field again.

Rain and other road hazards in the fall

Every time of year can be dangerous, from Fourth of July celebrations that lead to drunk driving to traffic crashes caused by ice and snow during the winter. That said, fall also presents different types of hazards that some drivers may overlook or fail to take seriously. For example, rain and other weather-related risks can lead to a crash that leaves victims with serious injuries or claims lives. At our law firm, we understand how hard it is for victims of traffic crashes who have had their futures shattered because of a reckless driver.

While people often understand that snow and ice can make roads treacherous, some fail to see that rainfall is another serious weather-related threat. In fact, many of the fatal traffic accidents that are caused by weather happen because of rain. As a result, you should be particularly careful while driving in the rain or while roads are slick. That said, you should also keep in mind that other weather hazards may be present in the fall. For example, fog can interfere with a driver's visibility, while strong winds can knock down tree limbs and power lines, which may cause a collision.

The long-term psychological consequences of dog bites on children

If you have experienced an animal attack, you know firsthand the trauma that comes with it. As attorneys in Washington, we at Cooney Law Offices, P.S., have long known that dog bites can cause tremendous, long-lasting pain and suffering in people of all ages. A recent study has shed further light on the long-term impact of dog bites on children.

Your dog bite was probably scary and painful, and Animal Behavioral Counseling Services, Inc., explains that for children in particular, even a single such serious incident can leave them suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. This may be particularly true for children who were bitten on the face or arms and legs and suffered disfigurement. Ninety-eight percent of children aged 3-12 who were studied after receiving such an injury showed signs of PTSD in the days immediately after the attack. Over 40 percent of those children were still suffering from symptoms of PTSD a year later.

Is the dog that bit you dangerous?

When a dog attacks, it can change your life in Washington forever. Canines and the damage they inflict must be assessed for your benefit, and the prevention of future bites. The Association of Professional Dog Trainers provides an official dog bite scale for this purpose.

An attack does not necessarily involve skin contact, and this is considered level one aggressive or obnoxious behavior. This dog probably just needs training. If the dog's teeth graze your skin, whether they leave no marks or you have slight scratches, this is level two, and also can be addressed with professional training. More than 99 percent of incidents are either a level one or two on the scale.

How many lives do rollover crashes claim?

When it comes to fatal motor vehicle accidents, there are all sorts of crashes that can lead to the loss of life. For example, many people pass away in drunk driving crashes, as a result of speeding, or because of some other cause that might have been out of their control. However, rollover accidents are especially dangerous and also claim many lives on an annual basis. As a driver, it is important to understand just how deadly these crashes are and do what you can to avoid a rollover accident.

Material that is presented by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that rollover accidents are one of the deadliest types of traffic accidents. In fact, over 7,600 lives were lost in rollover crashes during 2010. Among all of the passenger vehicle wreck fatalities that took place over the course of 2010, rollover accidents were responsible for 35 percent of the fatalities. Moreover, rollovers were part of just 2.1 percent of all the van, SUV, pickup truck, and passenger car crashes that happened in 2010, which shows just how fatal these accidents can be when they do occur.

Helping your child after a car wreck

If you are a parent, a number of things may be going through your mind when you find out that your child has been involved in a car wreck. For starters, you will likely be concerned about their safety. In Spokane, and in other cities across Washington, accidents have claimed the lives of far too many children, while leaving many more with debilitating injuries. At Cooney Law Offices, we know that even children who are able to survive these crashes, as well as their parents, often go through different challenges.

If your child has been hurt in a motor vehicle collision, the injuries could interfere with their school performance or ability to play on a sports team. Moreover, the injuries may throw their summer vacation off and cause a great deal of emotional distress. You should try to talk with your child to ease some of their concerns and help them move forward. Depending on the details of what took place, you may have to take additional actions. For example, if a reckless driver caused your child to suffer, you should look into having them held accountable as soon as you can.

Are fatal accidents more common on July 4th?

For many Americans, Independence Day is a time to celebrate with friends and family members. From firework shows to parties, people celebrate the holiday in different ways. Sadly, some people lose their lives in motor vehicle accidents that occur on this holiday. Worse yet, statistics show that fatal accidents are especially prevalent on July fourth as a result of drunk driving. Over the years, far too many lives have been lost on this holiday, as well as other times of the year, because of drivers carelessly getting in their vehicles after drinking alcohol.

According to marketing material presented by the Department of Transportation, Independence Day has one of the highest fatality rates, in comparison to other holidays. Sadly, many of the lives that are lost on this holiday are caused by people choosing to operate a vehicle while drunk. During 2015, 146 lives were lost on the Fourth of July due to drivers being intoxicated and above the legal limit. Among those who passed away, 92 were involved in an accident that had a driver whose blood alcohol content level was greater than 0.15.

If the other driver’s auto insurance doesn’t cover medical bills

Any car accident can shake up your life, but when you are seriously injured in a crash in Washington, simply making it from one day to the next may be all you can handle. If the other driver did not have an adequate auto insurance policy, concern over who will pay your medical bills and other damages may make the situation seem intolerable. The legal team at Cooney Law Offices, P.S., has helped many car accident victims find solutions in cases like these.

If the other driver was texting, intoxicated or speeding, there may be ample evidence that he or she was at fault. Any coverage that person’s policy provides should be applied to your damages. You may be able to file a lawsuit, as well. However, taking someone to court and winning will not help you if the defendant has no money. Your own insurance policy may provide you with coverage, though.

Pit bull charges, bites 9-year-old boy

While the following story isn't from Spokane or anywhere in the state of Washington, it does exemplify many of the issues that surround any dog bite case. Today's story is from Iowa, where a 9-year-old boy was at a park with his father. While skating together, a pit bull suddenly charged the 9-year-old and bit him in his bicep. Thankfully, the bite doesn't appear to be too bad (there is a photo in our source article, so be ready for that) and the 9-year-old is expected to make a full recovery.

The father said that in the understandably hectic aftermath of such an incident, he wasn't able to get any information from the dog's owner. No blame need be placed here, but it is an important reminder for dog bite victims out there: if possible, you should get contact information from the dog's owner.

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