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Understanding your role as a power of attorney

Just knowing that you are a power of attorney may not be enough for you to effectively undertake the role for your family member in Washington. Being sure that you are fully aware of your responsibilities and under what conditions you will be required to take over may help you to be more confident and effective in your efforts. At Cooney Law Offices, P.S., we are experienced in helping families in their efforts to plan and execute their estate. 

Being the power of attorney enables you to function as a decision-maker for your family member who is no longer capable of making rational decisions alone. If you were asked to function in this role, chances are you exhibited important qualities including attention to detail, organization, integrity and compassion. Continuing to use these characteristics and honor the heritage of your loved one is something you have the chance to do as you think respectfully about the decisions your family member would have made independently if he or she were able to. 

What decisions does a durable power of attorney cover?

One of the most common parts of estate planning involves signing a durable power of attorney form that gives an agent the authority to make certain decisions on your behalf. In Washington, the law allows your agent to make a variety of medical and financial choices if you are unable to communicate those decisions yourself.

FindLaw states that you must create a durable power of attorney arrangement in writing for it to be a legally binding document. Your designated agent has the authority to act on your behalf until you revoke or terminate the power of attorney. In some cases, a court or a court-appointed guardian may also end the power of attorney arrangement.

Will My DUI Be In The Paper?

When someone is facing a DUI or other criminal charge they often ask how to minimize the publicity about their case or how to keep their case out of the paper. Generally, there are two points where a criminal case could be in the news: at the beginning when the events occur and at the end when the court case resolves.

The benefits of putting a property into a trust

Many Washington residents spend a lot of time trying to decide what should be done with their house once they are no longer living. Sometimes, there is an easy solution to this question. However, if you have more than one child or person you wish to leave the house to, the answer may be more complex. We here at Cooney Law Offices understand the many considerations that go into making such a tremendous decision, and have helped many adults find a resolution to such questions. 

The New York Times suggests that even though homes are generally passed down through a will, sometimes it makes sense for you to establish a trust for a property. This works especially well when there are heirs who are in different economic brackets. In doing so, you lessen the chance of them having a disagreement about whether a property should be held onto or sold. 

Tips to maximize your compensation after a major car crash

Many people who experience a motor vehicle crash will want to move on with their life as quickly as possible. However, handling the situation quickly shouldn't be nearly as important as protecting your rights in Spokane as an injured party.

When someone causes a crash that leaves you hurt or with massive property damage expenses, you have rights under Washington law. Still, it is easy to get so wrapped up in moving on with your life that you don't stop to consider your rights to financial compensation until you've already made potentially serious mistakes. There are a couple of tips that can help you maximize the compensation you receive after a major motor vehicle collision.

What can a DUI Attorney do for me?

Getting a DUI can lead to many emotions like regret and disappointment. It can also be a confusing time trying to figure out simple things like where the courthouse is located or whether your license is valid. If you are charged with a DUI, then an experienced attorney will provide you with the guidance and advice to achieve the best possible result for your case.

A look at how age discrimination impacts the organization

When people hear the term, "age discrimination," they often immediately think of people who have been victims of this type of mistreatment in the workplace. While ageism does definitely affect those, who have been singled out, what may come as a surprise to many is how age discrimination in Washington can affect organizations at a critical level outside of the individual who is being targeted.

In a recent survey that was conducted, it was found that multiple people who had been victims of discriminatory behavior related to their age, felt the effects of this mistreatment on the overall trajectory of their career. Experts who have researched the topic feel that enhanced efforts to provide training about discrimination and how to prevent it would do a great deal in helping people to better recognize when mistreatment is occurring within their organization. 

Big, New Vehicles and Car Accidents

Car companies are marketing their vehicles as safer and more luxurious than ever. Big, new vehicles have additional airbags, stronger engines, tinted windows and other modern features. These vehicles may be safer for the driver and passengers inside, but when these larger vehicles are involved in car accidents with older vehicles, bicyclists or pedestrians they may actually make our roadways more dangerous.

How should you proceed if you were hit by an uninsured driver?

Being involved in a car accident in Washington is never something you hope for, but it can be significantly more frustrating if you find out that the person who crashed into you does not have insurance. Ultimately, this means you are left to forge the costs of the repairs on your own unless you can successfully get the money from the responsible party. Being aware of how to proceed with a motorist that does not have insurance can help you to make the right decisions to hopefully limit the impact your situation has on you. 

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is to contact the local authorities right away. Once they have arrived on the scene, calmly explain the situation and describe what happened. According to American Family Mutual Insurance Company, be proactive in collecting information and evidence from the scene. Ask the other driver for his or her contact information including a working phone number, a name and an address if possible. Take pictures of the damage that happened on both vehicles and try to get shots from different angles. These photographs can be incredibly helpful for adjusters and estimators as they work to decide how much the damage is worth. 

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