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DUI Limits for Alcohol

Washington State DUI laws set the legal limit for alcohol at .08 if you’re 21 years of age, but there’s talk about lowering this limit. Setting any legal limit creates layers of confusion about what’s lawful and what’s safe. Limits imply drivers can legally drive with...

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DUI Arrests During the Holidays

Historically, there have been more DUI arrests in Spokane during the holiday season. Many people take time off from work around the holidays and might have an extra drink when they’re out for dinner or while watching their favorite sports team at the bar. Others might...

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Don’t Miss a DUI Deadline

Most folks accused of DUI in Spokane will have an initial court hearing or First Appearance the next business day after their arrest. However, in some situations these initial court hearings are delayed for two to three weeks. Unfortunately, this delay leads some...

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Do I Need a Living Will?

A Living Will is one of several documents that make up a comprehensive estate plan. Sometimes these are called Advanced Directive or Health Care Directive. They clearly state your wishes regarding the use of certain life-sustaining medical treatments in the event...

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DUI Limits for Alcohol and Marijuana

Washington State DUI laws set the legal limit for alcohol .08. This alcohol limit is based on nearly 100 years of medical research. Then about ten years ago as Washington State moved to legalize marijuana, the DUI laws were changed to add a legal limit for marijuana...

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