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What does First Offense DUI Mean?

Most DUI’s in Washington State are misdemeanors and have a 7 year look back period to determine whether it’s a first offense. An old DUI or Physical Control arrest might count as a prior offense or “sentence enhancer” for a new DUI arrest if the old arrest occurred...

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DUI Arrests During the Holidays

Historically, DUI arrests are higher during the holiday season than other months. Many people take time off from work around the holidays. They might have an extra drink with dinner or while watching their favorite sports team. Others might travel to their childhood...

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Do I have to do Roadside DUI Tests?

Roadside DUI tests or Field Sobriety Tests (FST’s) are supposed to be voluntary. Even if you refuse them, law enforcement can still arrest you for DUI if they observe other signs of alcohol or drug impairment. Recently, a high profile Spokane Resident was arrested for...

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When Will a DUI End in a Blood Draw?

A DUI arrest can end with a blood draw in a couple different circumstances. If a law enforcement officer believes a driver is impaired by something other than alcohol, then the officer may try to draw blood as part of the DUI investigation. Another common scenario is...

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Dying Without a Will

Folks often ask what happens when someone dies without a will? The legal term for this is dying “intestate.” Usually, this question comes from a concerned family member or friend who recently had a loved one pass away without a will. Maybe they want to help resolve...

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