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Dismissed Blood Draw DUI’s

Just because your blood draw DUI was dismissed by a judge, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in the clear. In the Washington State criminal court system there are two types of dismissals: Dismissal With Prejudice and Dismissal Without Prejudice. Dismissal with prejudice...

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How to Read Your DUI Breath Test Printout

Most folks arrested for DUI in Washington State will be asked to submit to a breath alcohol content (BAC) test at the police station. The Alcotest 9510 or “Draeger” machine will likely be the machine you’re asked to blow on since it replaced the old Datamaster in...

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Don’t Miss a DUI Deadline

Many initial DUI court appearances in Spokane County are being delayed due to Covid-19. Social distancing restrictions at the Spokane Courthouse have led to limits on the number of cases set on any given day. Historically, someone accused of driving under the...

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Should I Do Roadside DUI Tests?

There’s a panic moment anytime you’re driving and see emergency lights directly behind you. If you get pulled over and the officer has any hint that you’ve been drinking or consuming drugs, even prescription medications, then there will be a DUI investigation. In...

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One DUI Charge. Two Separate Cases

A Driving Under the Influence (DUI) charge in Spokane or anywhere in Washington State will most likely lead to two separate cases: a criminal DUI charge in court and a completely separate Department of Licensing (DOL) administrative case. These truly are two separate...

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Do You Need an Estate Plan?

Estate planning is an act of love that shows you care about your family and friends. If you are incapacitated or pass away, then having your estate plan in place takes pressure off your grieving relatives. Deciding when to make your estate plan is more about your...

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What is Road Rage?

We all know road rage when we see it: extreme or prolonged tailgating, dangerous weaving in and out of traffic or even a driver aggressively using their horn, yelling and shaking their fist at another driver. A Spokane news article described some folks involved in a...

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