Every time of year can be dangerous, from Fourth of July celebrations that lead to drunk driving to traffic crashes caused by ice and snow during the winter. That said, fall also presents different types of hazards that some drivers may overlook or fail to take seriously. For example, rain and other weather-related risks can lead to a crash that leaves victims with serious injuries or claims lives. At our law firm, we understand how hard it is for victims of traffic crashes who have had their futures shattered because of a reckless driver.

While people often understand that snow and ice can make roads treacherous, some fail to see that rainfall is another serious weather-related threat. In fact, many of the fatal traffic accidents that are caused by weather happen because of rain. As a result, you should be particularly careful while driving in the rain or while roads are slick. That said, you should also keep in mind that other weather hazards may be present in the fall. For example, fog can interfere with a driver’s visibility, while strong winds can knock down tree limbs and power lines, which may cause a collision.

Sadly, these accidents can be very devastating and have thrown far too many lives into chaos. Sometimes, negligent drivers may fail to drive safely during inclement weather, reaching excessive speeds or failing to watch out for signs that may be more difficult to see. If you browse over to our car accidents page, you can go over more material on traffic collisions.