News coverage and social media discussions regularly cover some of the consequences of auto accidents, such as serious injuries or the loss of lives. However, our law firm knows that some people suffer in many different ways after a car accident, some of which may not be as easy to detect. For example, you may be dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder after a wreck. If a motor vehicle crash has caused you to experience PTSD, we know how much this can turn your world upside down.

Post-traumatic stress can make daily life hard in a variety of ways. Sometimes, car accident victims suffering from this disorder may not be able to drive, which could affect their ability to work or attend school. Moreover, PTSD could even prevent someone from being able to perform their job duties, leading to even more hardships such as financial dilemmas. Sometimes, PTSD can take time to become more evident and victims may not always realize the full extent of the consequences they will face following a wreck. Depression, anxiety, and even anger can sometimes affect those who were struck by a careless driver.

If you have had your life turned into chaos because of someone’s poor decision on the road, you should evaluate your legal options. Sadly, some irresponsible drivers will put more lives at risk and cause those who survive crashes to suffer from mental trauma in the months and years ahead. On our car accidents page, you can view more on motor vehicle collisions.