Many people recognize the potential dangers that viscous dogs pose, especially if they bite someone. Unfortunately, this happens to an unacceptable number of people each year, whether they were walking down the beach or passing their neighbor’s house on the way to work. However, there are other types of animals that may attack an innocent person and it is important to be mindful of these potential risks when around other animals.

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, people may be attacked by a dog, ferret, cat, or snake. However, there are many more animals that can attack or lash out and harm someone, such as a horse, a pet bird, etc. The NLM says that these attacks are unlikely to threaten a victim’s life, but they can cause major problems if a bite becomes infected. Moreover, an animal attack may leave someone with an unsightly scar. On top of these challenges, an animal attack could lead to mental trauma, which may prevent someone from being able to enjoy time with certain animals.

Animal attacks can be mentally, physically, and financially scarring. Some people write off these attacks as relatively minor or insignificant, but this is certainly not the case for many people who have been attacked by someone’s violent pet. When an animal attack takes place due to the negligence of a pet owner, they should be held responsible for any of the problems that they have caused by failing to prevent their pet from attacking an innocent person.