For drivers, there are a multitude of hazards to watch out for on the road. Sometimes, these hazards are very obvious, such as roadways that have become covered in thick snow. However, there are other potential risks which also involve weather which may not always be clear. Wind, for example, can be dangerous in different ways, especially when wind speeds reach very high levels. If you are driving during windy conditions, it is important to be aware of the potential problems that you could encounter.

For starters, wind can blow debris onto the road, which might affect your visibility, cause you to become distracted, or cause you or another driver to swerve. For example, if debris is lying on the center of the road, a driver might try to switch lanes abruptly to avoid the debris, not realizing that doing so would result in a collision with another vehicle. During high winds, tree branches may fall on the road and power lines could be taken down as well. All of these problems can lead to a motor vehicle crash and it is vital to exercise caution if you drive during windy conditions.

Unfortunately, drivers who are very responsible and careful may be involved in a crash due to someone else’s disregard for traffic safety. If you were hit by someone who was driving negligently, during high winds or otherwise, it is important to look at your options. Our accident section will give you more material on the topic of motor vehicle crashes.