If you have had a child who was involved in a car accident, you have experienced a whirlwind of emotions. Anger, frustration, fear, and sadness are just a handful of feelings you may have. If your child has been hospitalized due to the injuries it may be difficult to manage time between home life and being with your child as they recover. Your child may be confused, and not able to attend their studies during this time. Maybe you have lost a child due to a negligent driver, and your whole world has been flipped upside down into a pit of agony. You are not alone.

There are resources available to you to help you get through disasters in life such as this. Your child is precious and deserves to have justice regarding the situation they so innocently became a victim of. You deserve to have people to support you as well while you manage these uncertain times. Hospital bills, physical therapy, funeral expenses, affliction and anguish. These are things most people don’t plan on encountering. Things outside of your control happen and you should know that there are people who will fight for you and your child. You will be faced with people who care about equity and morality regarding your situation. No matter what the situation was with the driver, whether it be under the influence due to drugs or alcohol, texting while driving, or sleep deprivation, there is help.

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