There are different factors that can make the likelihood of a motor vehicle collision go up. For example, driving under the influence and using a cell phone while operating a vehicle are widely-recognized risk factors. However, there are other times when a crash may become more likely. Driving during poor weather can increase the chances of a collision and driving during certain times of day, as well as on certain days of the year, can also be more dangerous. In this write-up, we will examine some hazards associated with nighttime driving.

First of all, visibility is poorer when the sun goes down, which can increase the chances of a wreck. However, driving during the night is not just dangerous because of the lack of light. Additionally, some drivers are very tired when they drive at night, whether they have not slept in a long time and are driving home after a long day trip or they have had to wake up at an unusual time to report to work. Moreover, some areas may see an increase in the number of drunk and intoxicated drivers at night. Some people get behind the wheel after spending time in a bar or a party and intoxicated driving is particularly problematic during the night.

If you were hit by someone who was drunk, drugged or drowsy, you should go over your options. You may be able to obtain compensation that can help you move forward in your life, especially if you are struggling with car crash injuries.