For many people, coffee is part of a morning routine, an essential step in getting ready for the day ahead. Often, people who drink coffee and other hot beverages bring their drink behind the wheel, especially if they do not have a lot of time (such as those who have to get to work soon, for example). However, those who are short on time and trying to drive to work quickly may be more likely to spill their coffee. Worse, spilling a hot beverage while driving can result in serious burns and cause a motor vehicle crash which claims lives or causes debilitating injuries.

A driver who burns themselves may become immediately distracted, taking their eyes, hands and attention off of the road. A burn can be incredibly painful, and this extreme pain will definitely interfere with a person’s ability to pay attention to the road. Sadly, diverting your attention from the road for just a couple of seconds can result in a tragic collision, and these distractions have claimed many lives. Even if you do not drink hot beverages while driving, you may become distracted behind the wheel by other types of drinks and food, and there are many other examples of distracted driving as well (phones, etc.).

If you have been hit by a distracted driver, it is important for you to know what your rights are. For example, you may have spoken with a driver who struck you after the crash and they may have said that they were distracted by something, and it is extremely important to make note of this.