There are a number of hazards present on the road, from the recklessness of other drivers to poor weather conditions including snow and heavy rain. However, the very nature of certain parts of the road can be dangerous, from steep hills to sharp turns. There are many reasons why driving around a turn can be dangerous and in this post we will take a closer look at this facet of driving.

First of all, you may be unable to see another driver heading in the opposite direction while you approach and make your way around a turn. If they have crossed the center line slightly or are driving on the wrong side of the road entirely, you may collide with them in a head-on crash. Moreover, you may have very little time to react and avoid them.

Sometimes, drivers are reckless on the road and this certainly applies to turns. A driver may not be paying attention due to distractions, failing to notice that a turn is coming up and stay in their lane. Or, a driver may be traveling too fast and rather than slowing down, they may decide to continue speeding ahead even though their vehicle veers into the wrong lane.

Between the lack of visibility and reckless drivers, turns can certainly be dangerous. If you are injured in an accident that involves any of these characteristics, or any other crash caused by a reckless driver, you deserve justice. Our accident page provides more information on the consequences of an auto crash.