From distracted driving to accidents caused by the use of alcohol or illegal drugs, there are a plethora of reasons why motor vehicle crashes happen. There are many other risk factors to be aware of, some of which may be less common but equally concerning. For example, some parts of the country see an increase in the number of deer that are on the roads during the fall, and this can be especially concerning with respect to motor vehicle accidents. As a result, drivers should do what they can to avoid colliding with a deer.

According to the State of Michigan, almost 50,000 auto collisions with deer are reported each year in the state. Information published on their site states that it is especially important to be aware of deer while driving at dusk and dawn and that strategies such as flashing your headlights or honking your horn may not work as a deterrence. While driving, you should watch out for signs that indicate deer may be present and you should be aware that if you see one deer, it is very likely that more deer are nearby. Moreover, you should always be sober and alert while driving.

Sometimes, deer can dart out onto the road with little warning, so even the most responsible of drivers may find themselves in a crash due to deer. Furthermore, other wildlife can also lead to a collision, such as a raccoon running across the road, and it is crucial to stay vigilant at all times while behind the wheel.