There are all sorts of risk factors on the road, including weather conditions and the use of alcohol behind the wheel. That said, speeding is especially prevalent, and this behavior has caused many motor vehicle collisions. Sadly, some of the accidents caused by a driver’s decision to go over the speed limit have proved fatal, and it is imperative for drivers to be aware of just how many lives have been lost as a result of this reckless behavior.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that during 2016, speeding played a role in 27 percent of the deadly motor vehicle crashes that took place in the U.S. Moreover, over 10,100 lives were lost due to speeding over the course of the same year. Speeding is especially dangerous because when vehicles collide at high speeds, the accident is even more likely to result in the loss of lives. Sadly, speeding is far too common on roadways across the country, whether drivers intentionally go over the speed limit for one reason or another or accidentally drive too fast on one occasion.

Aside from fatalities, many people have also been seriously hurt in these types of crashes. It is crucial for all drivers to pay close attention to the speed limit and slow down if they notice that they have gone over the speed limit. Regrettably, some drivers do not even care, and they should be held accountable for causing a crash when one does occur. Speeding, along with other forms of reckless driving, is unacceptable.