While everyone knows that it is a possibility that a car may hit you as you are crossing the intersection, no one really expects that it will happen to them. But what happens when it does?

Pedestrian fatalities are on the rise. According to a 2013 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report, there are pedestrian fatalities every two hours and injuries every eight minutes, due to car crashes. If you find yourself injured by a driver, here is what you do next:

Move out of traffic

A car just hit you. You’re stunned, probably in pain and possibly unsure what to do now. The first thing to do is, if you are able, move out of the street. While it is important to figure out the situation with the driver and the proper authorities, it may be unwise to occupy the middle of a potentially busy intersection.

Get the driver’s information

Directly after the accident, nerves and adrenaline may tempt you to brush it off. However, it would be unwise to do so. Make sure the driver stays at the scene and collect information such as their name, phone number, insurance information and license plate number.

Call the police

Even if you do not feel injured, calling 9-1-1 is a good idea. An incident occurred that you need to report so that the police can make a record of it. Tell them exactly what happened and how you remember it. Having a record of the event may prompt the driver of the vehicle that hit you to stay honest and file a claim with their insurance.

Take photos

If you have visible injuries, such as a broken bone or bruises, take pictures of them. Take photos of the scene and the car. It may also be a good idea to write down how you remember things occurring, just in case you forget later on.

Go to the doctor

It is important to see a medical professional after the accident, even if you feel fine. It is possible that you have internal injuries that are not presenting themselves, or that you may experience post-accident trauma that they may want to assess.

Consult an attorney

Injuries from someone else’s careless driving shouldn’t derail your life. If you’re struck by a driver, talk to a personal injury attorney to see how they can help you get back on your feet.