There are a number of examples of erratic behavior on the roadway, such as intoxicated driving and failing to switch lanes correctly. However, speeding is especially concerning and there are many other ways in which people drive abruptly. For example, drivers who have “lead foot” may slam on the accelerator and drive around without precision, and this can lead to a devastating collision. There are a lot of reasons why drivers exhibit this behavior on the road, whether they are rushing to get to work on time or they have a habit of making poor decisions behind the wheel.

Sadly, reckless drivers disregard the safety of those around them when they choose to surpass the speed limit and drive erratically. For example, a driver may participate in an unlawful street race or simply drive too fast because they think it makes them look cool. People who drive in such a manner are more likely to lose control of their vehicle and when they collide with another car, the outcome can be particularly devastating at high speeds.

There are many other examples of reckless driving, such as running a red light, failing to yield, and driving far too close to another vehicle. Aggressive drivers may exhibit dangerous behavior while behind the wheel and it is imperative for them to answer for any suffering that they are responsible for. From broken bones and brain trauma to losing a loved one, the consequences of these motor vehicle collisions can destroy the lives of innocent victims.