Gun rights will be revoked in Washington State when a person is convicted of a felony crime or certain domestic violence misdemeanor crimes. Washington State law allows some people who have been convicted of these types of charges to restore their right to possess a firearm.

In order to be eligible to restore your gun rights in Washington State you must comply with specific statutory requirements. A petition to restore your right to possess a firearm can be filed either in the Washington State county where the crime was committed or in the county where you currently reside. It is important to remember that once the petition is granted and the right to possess a firearm has been restored, it does not actually allow you to purchase a firearm.

A federal background check is usually required for the sale or transfer of a firearm. Even after restoration of your gun rights this background check will show that you were convicted of a felony crime or domestic violence offense leading to the denial of your purchase. Currently, there are a couple ways around this problem. If you’ve restored your gun rights can complete a Voluntary Appeal File (VAF) through the FBI’s website. This gives you a personal identification number (PIN) that will allow the seller to recognize see that your rights have been restored. Plan ahead because this process can take a year or longer.

The other option is an “exempt transfer.” There is an exemption to the federal background check requirement when transferring a firearm between immediate family members. Using this method a spouse, sibling, parent, etc. can purchase the gun and transfer ownership of it to you once your rights have been restored.

Restoring gun rights in Washington State also does not necessarily allow the person to possess a firearm in another state or on federal land. Other states and the federal government are not required to recognize the restoration. Some states and some law enforcement officers may recognize the Washington State restoration order, if you can provide the documentation to them. However, it’s up to them and they could still arrest you for a violating their state’s gun laws or federal gun laws.

Restoring your right to possess a firearm is a valuable tool for those who want to inherit guns and who wish to go hunting with their families. It also allows you to obtain a concealed weapons permit within Washington State. If you’ve lost your gun rights and are ready to restore them, contact Cooney Law Offices today.