Why do teen drivers get into car accidents? Is it because they break traffic laws or get distracted by their phones? Is it because they turn the music up too loud or drive in a car packed with their friends?

These things do play a role. However, the National Safety Council (NSC) notes that the main reason for these teen car accidents is far simpler: inexperience. The NSC calls it the leading cause of accidents involving teenage drivers.

The NSC says the adage “practice makes perfect” may sound like a cliche, but it’s accurate. Teens have less practice driving, so they make mistakes that they wouldn’t make with five years of experience under their belts.

For instance, a teen may drive at the posted speed limit even in a rainstorm. An older driver, who has been through it before, may know that slick roads reduce control and that puddles increase the risks of hydroplaning. Therefore, they’ll slow down. While driving too fast for conditions is what causes the eventual crash when they lose control, the real problem is the lack of experience.

The big issue with inexperience as a cause of car accidents is that it takes practice over time to develop. There’s no way around that, but it also means we will always have inexperienced drivers to contend with. Even increasing the driving age from 16 would just create older inexperienced drivers.

If you suffer injuries in an accident with one of these drivers or any at-fault driver, you need to know how to seek compensation for your expenses and damages.