Dog bites can be serious to the point that a victim has catastrophic injuries. While much of the outcome depends on the kind of dog, the size of the animal, the size of the person being attacked and the length of time the attack goes on, it’s important to know that a dog bite can cause serious harm regardless of how serious it appears at first.

Even a simple puncture wound can have lasting consequences if appropriate treatment isn’t sought. For example, if the dog has rabies, then the victim may develop this disease. Rabies is nearly always fatal unless the patient receives treatment immediately following a bite.

Catastrophic injuries from dog bites may come from:

  • Shredded tendons, ligaments, arteries and other tissues
  • Broken bones and damage to internal organs
  • Brain injuries from attacks to the face
  • Infection that spreads throughout the body and causes secondary injuries
  • Spinal damage from fleeing the animal, a bite to the neck or other serious impacts

It’s hard to imagine man’s best friend attacking and seriously hurting someone, but the reality is that dogs sometimes become aggressive. Even a family pet can become scared, fall ill or become angry. Dogs bite around 4.7 million people in America every year.

If you want to prevent a bite, it’s good to know more about why animals attack and what to do if you’re approached. To prevent a serious bite, you should:

  • Avoid making eye contact with the animal
  • Turn to the side to appear passive
  • Cover your head, face and neck if the dog lunges or attacks
  • Avoid taunting or hitting animals
  • Avoid approaching animals that look ill or that you’re unfamiliar with

If a dog does end up causing serious injuries, then your attorney will help you hold its owner responsible.