Stay-home and shelter-in-place orders can create stress between spouses and domestic partners. Disputes can arise over changing finances, home-schooled children and even interruptions to hobbies and other enjoyable activities. Spokane County already has one of the highest reported domestic violence rates in the State of Washington. Domestic violence is often linked to criminal charges like assault, harassment and malicious mischief to property.

Most folks don’t realize that if the police respond to a domestic violence call one side is almost certainly going to be arrested and sometimes it’s the person who made the call.  Police have broad discretion in most situations, but sometimes the only way to resolve a volatile situation is by separating folks by arresting whoever they think is the aggressor.

If you are arrested for a criminal charge related to domestic violence, you likely won’t be able to bail out of jail before a judge reviews your case. Sometimes that’s on the next business day meaning you’re spending the night in jail. More often than not judges impose a no contact order or protection order between you and your partner. The judge may also order you to immediately surrender firearms and ammunition in your possession to law enforcement. Even though you are presumed innocent, these prohibitions and orders may continue while your case is pending.

In addition to direct consequences like jail and monetary fines, there can also be a number of collateral consequences following conviction of an offense involving domestic violence. Some offenses may result in a loss of gun rights upon conviction. You could be without those rights for three years or even longer depending on the offense. Certain convictions may also trigger out of state travel restrictions. If you were planning to move or relocate to another state following your conviction, those plans could be put on hold.

If you have been arrested for or accused of a criminal offense related to domestic violence, we are here to help. Our team of experienced criminal defense attorneys can help you navigate these waters with an eye toward finding a favorable outcome.