Have you ever heard someone say that most car accidents happen close to home? You may find this a bit surprising. It’s easy to assume that more accidents would occur farther from home while traveling on unfamiliar roads than while driving on the neighborhood streets that you drive everyday and know so well.

It is true, though. One study found that around 77% of car crashes involving at least one injured person happen within 10 miles of the place that person lives. Why is this?

One reason is familiarity. If you drive on the same streets day in and day out, then you naturally get complacent. Over time you rely in instinct assuming there won’t be speeding car approaching from a cross street or a child running into the road chasing a ball. When you’re driving on roads that you don’t know as well, you pay more attention to the road and your surroundings. You simply drive more carefully.

Another reason is just the amount of miles you drive on roadways close to home. You spend more time near your house so your odds of crashing on those roads are simply higher. If you work within 10 miles of your house and also have grocery stores and other places you visit within that radius, you may spend 90% of your time driving on roads within that 10-mile zone. If you crash, odds are you’re on those roads.

No matter why it happens, it’s important to remember that accidents often occur when you least expect them. You’ve made that drive to work thousands of times without a problem. You don’t expect today to be the day you get hit. If you or a loved one is seriously injured in an accident, then you should know what options you have to pursue fair compensation. Cooney Law Offices. We can help!