Motorcycle riders who are in collisions often suffer more serious injuries than those in passenger vehicles. Folks riding in cars and trucks are protected by a metal shell that helps absorb the forces of a collision. This lack of protection makes motorcyclists particularly vulnerable to broken bones, injuries that may require surgery or even death. With this danger in mind, there are some important safety steps, beyond just wearing a helmet, that motorcyclists that can take to reduce their risk of getting seriously hurt in an accident.

Motorcyclists who engage in strength training fitness programs, including weight lifting, generally have stronger bones and more muscle mass than those who do little or no strenuous activities. Our bones get stronger the more impact or force that they endure. Increasing muscle mass through strength training can help absorb the forces from a collision and may even protect your bones from breaking.

You may not realize it, but female motorcyclists are at higher risk for bone breaks than their male counterparts. This might be due to men generally having more muscle mass to absorb impact forces. The injury rates for women in older age groups are particularly high. This can make sense since older individuals sometimes struggle with low bone density. Preparing your body through a fitness program can make a world of difference in a motorcycle accident.

Another obvious step that you can take to minimize your risk of serious injury is to wear clothing that protects your soft tissues such as tendons, muscles, skin and ligaments. These soft tissues can be particularly vulnerable and might not be easily fixed once damaged. Helmets, riding jackets, pants, boots and gloves can help reduce the force or abrasions absorbed by your body. They should be worn every time you ride since you never know when a collision might happen.

If you or a loved one have been seriously injured a crash caused by someone else, you should immediately consult with a personal injury attorney. Whether the collision happened here in Spokane or elsewhere in Washington State the attorneys at Cooney Law Offices can advise you about motorcycle and automobile insurance compensation or whether a civil lawsuit is needed to fully compensate you for pain and suffering, future medical bills, etc. We can help!