Auto accidents resulting in deaths have hit a 20-year high in Washington State. A few years ago we saw less traffic on the roadways and a simultaneous spike in dangerous driving habits, like extreme speeding. This trend led to 663 traffic related fatalities on Washington roadways in 2021 and preliminary data for 2022 indicates our driving habits are not getting better.

Historically, the government has used advertising campaigns to target individual bad driving habits. “Click it or Ticket” and “Over the Limit Under Arrest” raised awareness about seatbelt use and separating alcohol from driving. Law enforcement also publicizes their “emphasis patrols” as they try to keep our roadways safe from risky driving behaviors. Emphasis patrols focus extra law enforcement officers on select locations looking for specific traffic violations, like DUI and Distracted Driving. Washington State Patrol conducted a DUI Emphasis in Spokane during Hoopfest 2022. These advertising campaigns and emphasis patrols try to raise awareness with the hope drivers avoid risky behaviors entirely.

The Washington State Traffic Commission has a new advertising campaign called Together We Get There by. This campaign promotes positive or good driving behavior. Using phrases like “we drive sober” and “we drive distraction free” the campaign targets the same general topics. However, this campaign represents a shift toward connecting all drivers with the shared responsibility for safe driving habits. Avoiding distracted or impaired driving isn’t just about you and those inside your vehicle. It’s about protecting everyone on the roadways and working together to ensure we all get where we’re going safely.

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