Auto accidents involving vehicles striking pedestrians and cyclists often cause severe injuries. As our Inland Northwest summer turns to fall many of us enjoy an evening stroll or bike ride with kids. The sun is setting a little earlier each day which makes it just a little more difficult for drivers to see pedestrians. There is a shared responsibility to protect each other’s safety whether you’re driving, walking or biking in low light conditions.

One of the best ways to avoid serious injury from a pedestrian versus motor vehicle accident is to walk on the left side of the roadway. Of course, the best option is to walk on a sidewalk, but many roadways around Spokane don’t have sidewalks. If you’re walking in one of these areas, then walking on the left side of the roadway allows you to face oncoming traffic, to see approaching vehicles and, if necessary, scoot out of the way. When you walk on the right side of the roadway vehicles approach from behind you and you’re relying on drivers seeing you. This can put pedestrians at risk of terrible bodily injuries or worse.

The National Safety Council has plenty of other tips for keeping yourself safe as a pedestrian. Some of these are common sense, but reminders are always helpful. Stay alert and avoid using your cell phone, which pulls your attention away from your surroundings. Wearing headphones keep you from hearing approaching vehicles with inattentive drivers or other dangers like aggressive dogs. Always wear bright colors and reflective clothing and, if you’ll be out before sunrise or after sunset, then carry a flashlight. We all share the responsibility for protecting each other.

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