Most people injured in a motor vehicle crash in Washington State want healing and closure. It’s tempting to focus on moving forward with your life. If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence, you have the right to seek financial compensation. There are a couple of mistakes to avoid that can help you maximize the compensation you receive after a major motor vehicle collision.

Don’t minimize your injuries or who’s responsible

After a serious crash, you may feel sympathetic towards the other driver even if he/she clearly caused the accident through distracted driving, speeding or other risky driving behavior. These feelings can lead to minimizing the severity of your injuries or avoiding clearly explaining how the other driver’s actions caused the crash when speaking with law enforcement.  Remember that even if you don’t have ill feelings towards the other driver(s), you must be firm, truthful and thorough when explaining what happened. If you have suspicions about how the accident occurred, you should speak up to ensure that those concerns are recorded in the police collision report.

Don’t delay an initial medical evaluation

Even if you think your crash related symptoms are minor, you should seek a medical evaluation and have your injuries documented as soon as possible. Some injuries, like a broken bone, are obvious, but others, like a traumatic brain injury (TBI), can crop up slowly over time. A doctor can connect your symptoms to the trauma of the accident and keep a record of your ongoing medical care.

 Don’t delay ongoing treatment

Your doctor(s) might recommend a variety of treatment to include physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, or even surgery to help you recover.  Be sure to promptly follow through with the doctors’ recommendations.  This will help you present evidence to insurance companies or the courts that you have done everything possible to limit the impact your injuries have on your quality of life and professional career.

Accurate police reports, sworn witness statements and complete medical records will improve your chances of obtaining fair compensation after you’ve been seriously injured. The attorneys at Cooney Law Offices can organize and present your case to maximize your compensation after an auto accident, bicycle or pedestrian accident. We can help!