Motor vehicle accidents caused by excessive speed are dangerous and, sadly, many are avoidable. Too many of the collisions caused by a driver’s decision to go over the speed limit have proven fatal, like what often occurs when a speeding driver strikes a pedestrian in a crosswalk. When speed is combined with other risk factors, like bad weather or distracted driving, then the danger of a collision causing serious bodily injury or even death skyrockets. Those who choose to speed must be aware of just how many lives have been lost due to their reckless behavior.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that during 2021 speeding played a role in 29 percent of the traffic fatalities that took place in the U.S. This represents the loss of more than 12,300 due to speeding over the course of just one year. When vehicles collide at high speeds, even more force is transferred between the vehicles and their occupants increasing the severity of injuries and likelihood of lost lives. Over the past few years speeding has become increasingly more common on America’s roadways, whether drivers intentionally go over the speed limit or accidentally drive too fast on one occasion.

Aside from fatalities, these crashes often cause serious injuries, like broken bones requiring surgery to help repair them. It is crucial for all drivers to pay close attention to the speed limit and slow down if they notice they’re pushing the speed limit. It may be appropriate to drive even slower when there are bad weather conditions, construction or children nearby.

When a driver causes an injury accident they should be held accountable. If you’ve had a serious bodily injury collision, regardless of whether you were a driver, passenger or pedestrian or bicyclist outside the vehicle, you shouldn’t have to fight for compensation alone. Contact Cooney Law Offices today to learn how we can help.