Drivers arrested for DUI in Spokane, Washington often deal with their vehicle towed from the scene. Law enforcement often call a towing company to come get the vehicle unless the it’s parked in a safe location or unless someone like a friend or family member can quickly come to the scene and drive the car home. Most of the time the tow truck arrives at the scene, hooks up the vehicle and everyone moves on.

Recently a Spokane tow truck driver was arrested for DUI when he responded to the scene of an earlier DUI. Based upon the headline one would think, “how could someone be drunk at work and think it’s a good idea to go meet the cops at the scene of a DUI?” When you dig deeper into the story, you can see it’s not so cut and dry. The tow truck driver was arrested for DUI after the cops smelled marijuana. Not alcohol. Since there’s no breath test for marijuana the tow truck driver’s arrest led to his blood being drawn. Currently, Washington State law enforcement delays testing DUI blood samples for approximately six to twelve months so it will be quite some time before the evidence is finalized. And what if the blood test results eventually show the tow truck driver was actually below the legal limit for marijuana? This is precisely why the presumption of innocence exists. Sometimes criminal investigations take time and we shouldn’t jump to conclusions.

Certainly it’s best to avoid getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol, illegal drugs, over the counter drugs or even prescription medications that impair your driving. If you or a friend have been arrested for DUI, then you should immediately seek the help of an experienced DUI attorney. There are urgent timing deadlines within one week of being accused of a DUI so don’t delay. Contact Cooney Law Offices. We can help!