You can get a DUI in Washington State driving almost anything. Most DUI’s occur when someone drives their car after consuming too much alcohol at a restaurant, bar or an event. Law enforcement often pulls them over for speeding or failing to use a turn signal and now they’re facing a DUI charge. However, the driving in Driving Under the Influence doesn’t necessarily mean driving a car or truck.

Washington State’s legal definition of a motor vehicle is surprisingly broad. A lot of folks don’t realize that most types of UTV’s (Utility Terrain Vehicles) are considered a motor vehicle for DUI purposes. A recent Spokane newspaper article mentioned someone who was arrested for DUI while driving one of these UTV’s. Over the years our office has defended many cases where folks were arrested while driving UTV’s, ATV’s (All Terrain Vehicles), golf carts and other non-traditional vehicles.

The investigation of a DUI charge involving a non-traditional vehicle is substantially the same as normal DUI involving a car or truck. We still need to review police reports and witness observations. However, early in the investigation process we will compare the type of vehicle allegedly driven with the legal definition of motor vehicle. If there is a breath or blood test, then we’ll analyze whether law enforcement followed the proper procedures for obtaining and testing the samples. In Spokane County most DUI allegations will include audio and/or video recordings made by law enforcement and we’ll examine that evidence for violations of our client’s rights and violations protocols for administering FST’s (Field Sobriety Tests) and breath or blood tests.

Uncertainty and anxiety go hand in hand when someone is accused of a DUI or other criminal charge alone. Contact Cooney Law Offices and let them be your guide. We can help!