Historically, DUI arrests rise during the holiday season. Alcohol consumption is often a part of the office holiday parties and unwinding with family and friends. When the final numbers for the 2020 holiday season are tallied there will likely be fewer DUI arrests due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In a normal year many folks take time off from work around the holidays. They might have an extra drink with dinner or while watching their favorite sports team. Others might catch up with old friends sharing a pitcher of beer at their old hometown bar. Most years there are actual New Year’s Eve celebrations all over town and all these activities add up to more people driving on the roadways after consuming alcohol.

The holiday season is usually a busy time for law enforcement officers trying to keep our roads safe. Washington State Patrol (WSP) often conducts DUI Emphasis Patrols from Thanksgiving through January. When a DUI Emphasis is in effect, there are additional officers on duty and most have specialized DUI training. They focus on traffic stops for aggressive driving like weaving in and out of traffic, crossing lane lines, driving without headlights and other violations.

Sometimes severe weather events can lead to lower than average DUI arrests. Folks may choose to stay home rather than risk a snow or ice related auto accident. Additionally, during bad weather law enforcement officers focus on responding to collisions and traffic management and are not able to conduct as many traffic stops that could lead to DUI investigations.

The old advice is often the best: plan ahead! Have a designated driver or get a ride home. You should also know your rights in case you are stopped by law enforcement and find yourself under investigation for DUI. If you or someone you care about have been charged with DUI, call Cooney Law Offices today. We can help.