The Ignition Interlock Device (IID) is a breath test machine that attaches to the steering column of your car. It requires you to provide a breath sample that is free from alcohol before you can start your car and it will beep at you periodically requiring a sample in order to continue driving. There are several DUI laws in Washington State that can lead to an IID requirement.

If you are convicted of an actual DUI – not a reduction to a lesser charge – or if your DUI charge is resolved through a Deferred Prosecution, then you will be required to have the IID for one year, five years or ten years. The duration is based on whether you’ve ever previously been required to install the device stemming from a conviction. There’s no “washout” or look back period for the IID like the 7 year look back for determining whether your misdemeanor DUI is a first, second or third offense. Also, the clock for this specific type of IID requirement doesn’t start ticking until the device is installed and you have a driver license. This means you can’t simply wait out the one, five or ten year requirement.

There are several other DUI laws that might require IID installation. If you have ever been arrested for DUI previously, then the judge at your first court hearing for a new DUI may be required to order you install the IID. Even if you avoid an actual DUI conviction by having your case reduced to Reckless Driving or Negligent Driving First Degree, but you had a “prior offense” within seven years, then you’ll be required to install the IID for six months. The Department of Licensing’s separate administrative case can also lead to an IID requirement for 90 days, one year or two years.

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