Driving habits got a lot worse during Covid. Even though there were fewer cars on the roadways, too many folks saw the open roads as an opportunity to speed… or worse. These bad habits led to a rise in the number of deaths on our highways despite the sharp drop in total number of miles driven in 2020. The rise in fatalities was related to driving habits that are completely preventable.

The biggest contributor to the rise in fatality collisions in 2020 seems to have been excessive speed. Early data from the summer of 2020 showed more drivers were speeding than in previous years. Obviously, higher speeds lead to greater potential for serious injuries when a collision occurs.

There was also a decline in seatbelt use last year. Maybe folks were making shorter trips or figured there was less risk of collision since fewer cars were on the road. As kids we were told, “the car doesn’t move until everyone is buckled.” That still sounds like awfully good advice.

Lastly, 2020 saw an increase in the percentage of folks who were driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Spokane County actually saw a 20% drop in total DUI arrests. In 2020 there were just over 2000 DUI’s filed in Spokane courts versus more than 2500 in 2019. However, the quantity of traffic on the roads was down much more than 20%, meaning a higher percentage of folks were on the roadways were driving impaired. Driving under the influence reduces response times and puts those using our roadways, drivers, passengers, cyclists and pedestrians, at a greater risk of injury.

Everyone has a responsibility to drive in a manner that minimizes the risk of a collision. If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident, then you should call the personal injury attorneys at Cooney Law Offices. We can help!