Historically, there have been more DUI arrests in Spokane during the holiday season. Many people take time off from work around the holidays and might have an extra drink when they’re out for dinner or while watching their favorite sports team at the bar. Others might travel to their old hometown to meet up with family and friends for Christmas or a New Year’s Eve celebration. All these activities lead to more people driving after consuming alcohol.

The Washington State Patrol’s DUI and Impaired Driving Unit often conducts emphasis patrols starting the week of Thanksgiving and running well into the new year. During an emphasis patrol, there are additional law enforcement officers on duty and many have additional training related to recognizing and processing DUI’s. These officers focus on traffic stops for aggressive driving like weaving in and out of traffic, crossing lane lines, driving without headlights and other violations.

Simply advertising these emphasis patrols helps raise awareness and reminds folks to plan ahead to have a sober driver before starting an evening of festivities. In addition to traditional taxi services there are plenty of “ride share” services that can help avoid getting behind the wheel after drinking too much.

Sometimes severe winter weather events lead to lower than average DUI arrests. When temperatures plummet or there’s heavy snowfall many folks choose to stay home rather than risk a weather-related auto accident. Of course, during these bad weather events law enforcement officers focus on responding to collisions and traffic management instead of conducting traffic stops that could lead to DUI investigations.

It is important to know your rights in case you are stopped by law enforcement and find yourself under investigation for DUI. If you or someone you care about have been charged with DUI, call Cooney Law Offices today. We can help!