Most folks accused of DUI in Spokane have a 7-day deadline to try to save their driver license through a Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL) case. This DOL case is independent from the court case, which means you can win one and lose the other. The 7-day deadline comes fast, so it’s usually best to request the hearing through DOL’s website or by mail right away.

Missing the DOL deadline all but guarantees you’ll have a minimum 90-day license suspension, at least three years of SR-22 insurance costs and possibly a requirement for the ignition interlock device. These consequences are independent from any penalties a judge might impose in the courtroom.

There are some limited circumstances, like some blood draw DUI’s, where the 7-day deadline does not apply. However, these cases are relatively rare so the best plan is to simply request a DOL hearing within a day or two of your arrest and preserve your ability to challenge the loss of license.

Even though they’re separate, the timing of DUI court hearings can cause confusion about the DOL case. Typically, there is a First Appearance court hearing the next business day after a DUI arrest, but sometimes this hearing is delayed. This delay leads some folks to put off reviewing the paperwork from law enforcement and missing the DOL deadline. Contacting a DUI attorney right away – even over the weekend – can help you build a plan to protect your rights both in court and DOL.

An experienced DUI attorney can explain whether this 7-day deadline applies to your case, but only if you take action immediately after the incident. The attorneys at Cooney Law Offices can guide you through both the court and DOL processes. Contact us today to see how we can help!