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How A DUI Impacts Your Driver’s License

For most of us, losing your license is devastating. Your life stops. You cannot pick up your children from school, make it to work or run to the grocery store. This is the hardest consequence for most people in Spokane who are charged with drunk driving.

You have options. A DUI lawyer can examine your case carefully to see if there are alternatives to losing your license and your freedom.

License Suspensions And Ignition Interlock Devices

Some license suspensions are more serious than others. An initial suspension may be for as little as 90 days. Realistically, though, even 90 days is too much for many of us, both in time and monetary impact.

You may be able to appeal your suspension or qualify for an ignition interlock device.

An ignition interlock device measures your blood alcohol content before you can start your car. Using an ignition interlock device for as little as a few months may mean you can keep the use of your license.

License reinstatement may also be available once you complete a drug and alcohol education program.

Talk with one of our lawyers to find out more about your licensing options.

DUI Expungements And Your License

In Washington, there are expungement options. While these are not available for DUI, they are available for some negligent and reckless driving charges. An attorney with experience may be able to negotiate the terms of your charge.

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