Dog Bites

A Dog Bite Qualifies For Personal Injury

You probably know many of the reasons that people usually bring for a personal injury claim. Car accidents and slip and falls are familiar. Many people do not realize that after a dog bites you, you can qualify for a personal injury suit.

Dog bites can have very serious medical consequences. Even a bite from a small dog can cause major infections. At their worst, a dog bite can need stitches, cause serious muscle and nerve damage, or require surgery and long-term care.

Who Is Responsible For An Animal Attack?

As a general rule, a pet’s owner is responsible when an animal attack occurs. This includes covering expenses when their dog bites someone. For pet owners with homeowners or renters insurance, this can be a relatively straightforward process. An attorney can help you create a full list of your medical needs and other expenses. Then, you can maximize your insurance settlement.

In the case that ownership is not straightforward or clear, you may need legal help establishing ownership. A lawyer can help gather witnesses or track veterinary and ownership documents to determine which family owns the animal. Once that is taken care of, your attorney will be able to help you get paid for your pain and medical needs.

Cooney Law Offices Gets You A Settlement

Living in the Pacific Northwest is not always cheap, especially when a dog bite leaves you hurt and unable to care for yourself. Families in Spokane and eastern Washington depend on us. We take our commitments to you very seriously. That’s why our lawyers are accessible 24/7; we have dedicated lawyers in each of our practice areas, and we work to help you understand each step of the legal process.

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