Traumatic Brain Injuries

A Brain Injury Changes Whole Families

The brain is the most important part of the body. It controls not just your body; it controls who you are. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can destroy your sense of normalcy and require massive expenses on behalf of your loved one.

Head injuries are a common result of an automobile accident. They cause severe medical issues, including:

Caring for your loved one after they are hurt so severely upends your life and will require many changes to your daily routine and budget. In cases where your loved one is also injured seriously in other ways, your future may seem bleak.

Are You Feeling Helpless?

You are in an overwhelming situation. Caring for someone who is almost entirely dependent on you may be the obvious answer, but it is still a tiring burden.

You will need to consider medical care, physical and occupational therapy, speech therapy and long-term care. If you can, caring for your loved one may be the preferable option. This requires adaptations to your home and work schedule. You may want or need to use a residential care facility, which is expensive.

You do not have to go down this path unprepared and without resources. As long-term residents of Spokane with decades of experience serving eastern Washington, our attorneys are not just prepared to help; we want to help. We can help you recover a settlement and take care of your new financial burdens.

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