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Answers To Your Car Accident FAQ

The weather in Spokane can be unpredictable. Depending on the time of year, our road conditions may change quickly. Car accidents can happen in an instant, and life can change as a result just as quickly.

In the moment, you may be worried about many things – your car, the other driver, your passengers. On this page, we gather answers from our lawyers and our clients to common car accident questions.

What Do I Need To Do After An Accident?

First things to do is to call the police and get medical care for any urgent injuries. Do not admit fault or say you are sorry. Instead, check to see if everyone is physically ok and begin to exchange insurance information and take down contact information of any witnesses.

Why Do I Need An Attorney After A Car Accident?

An attorney is especially helpful if you or your loved one has a broken bone or needed surgery after an accident. The ultimate goal is to put more money in your pocket after the case is done than you would have gotten on your own.

Should I Discuss My Property Damage Claim With My Insurance Company?

Yes, you have to resolve this with them. You need to file a claim with your car insurance company or agent, but do not talk to the adjusters. If you have a bodily injury, that’s where our firm can help, including managing health insurance needs.

How Do I Hire You?

The Cooney Law Offices P.S. is available for Washington residents in car crashes. Our personal injury lawyers have decades of experience. To speak with them about your case for free, call us. We can be reached by phone at 509-598-2677 or by sending an email.